In 1986, Timex introduced the first multi-function, performance sport watch. That watch, the Timex Ironman Triathlon, quickly became the best-selling sport timepiece in the world and, through constant innovation and design refinements, has remained so for 2 decades.

Now, Timex has added several new models to the line intended to ensure continued dominance in its category, the most interesting of which is the 75-Lap Sleek OVA (Optimal Viewing Angle) Series.

The Ironman Triathlon 75-Lap Sleek OVA was born from the understanding that elite athletes will seek out equipment that provides a real performance advantage. To create a watch that performs like no other, Timex studied the body in motion.

It was discovered that placing the watch on the narrow inside-edge of the wrist provides the best line of sight for running, cycling, skiing and many other athletic activities. By ignoring the convention of placing the watch on the wide, flat part of the wrist, Timex created a multi-function timepiece that is easy to see without having to twist the arm and risk breaking form.

The unique shape of the watch also places the START/LAP button in the best possible position for instant and mistake-proof access. The case and strap are sculpted like a second skin, ensuring maximum comfort. Constructed of robust materials including stainless steel top rings and mineral glass lenses, the OVA series is built to withstand years of hard use.

The end result is less effort seeing the time, surer tracking of splits, the best possible fit and an extra measure of durability. The 8 styles in the OVA series are offered in a range of colours in both unisex and mid-size models.

You can expect to pay around £50 for the OVA watch, so stockists world-wide.