One of the biggest fears about becoming a parent and a gadget whore is that I won't be able to stop my kids playing endless computer games or time on the computer. Heck, if Dad does it for his job, how can I say they they can't.

In steps a novel device called BOB. According to the website BOB helps parents manage the time their children use in-home media.

BOB works with televisions, game consoles and even computers.

The device gives parents the ability to set the amount of time their child can use a media device during the week - a specific allotment geared to an individual child's viewing habits.

For example, a parent could give a child 10 hours of television per week. After the 10 hours of viewing has been accrued, BOB turns off the television. Simple.

Where this unit will appeal is that you can issue a personal PIN number for every family member meaning that you can set different rules for different children in your family, you also get time reporting for every user, and even better a time-period blocking feature that means you can prevent media use at certain times of the day - i.e. when it's time for homework.

Details are sketchy about how much it will cost or when it will be available, however those interested can request to be added to the sites mailing list to be informed when more information becomes available.

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