D-Link has launched its latest addition to its MediaLounge range; the D-Link MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player.

The new device offers High-Definition Audio Video Playback to to your home entertainment system. Called the DSM-520, the unit also includes a USB2.0 port in the front panel for instant access to music, photos, and videos stored on removable USB flash drives or hard drives.

It connects to your existing home network using either 802.11g wireless technology or via an Ethernet cable.

Packed inside a 17-inch black aluminium chassis with smoked mirror front panel, you should have no problem blending it in with any other home entertainment devices.

The DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player supports previous and new media
formats, including high-definition video in either Windows Media Video 9 or MPEG4 format, allowing customers to enjoy videos with resolutions of up to 1080i from their high-definition television for the best picture quality.

For compatible television systems, the DSM-520 features a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection. HDMI offers a pure digital connection for both audio and video. Other video connectors include component, S-video, and composite output, ensuring compatibility with virtually all televisions. The DSM-520 also supports coax and optical digital audio output for delivering high fidelity digital surround sound.

The unit will around cost £220.