JVC today announced two new mid-size HD ready LCD televisions with integrated digital tuners.

The two new models, called the LT-32DX7 and LT-26DX7 boast MaxxBass
and a parametric equalizer, two features that greatly enhance bass effects as well as two HDMITM inputs with HDCP connectivity for connecting multiple HD devices.

JVC is also touting something it calls DIST, standing for Digital Image Scaling Technology it is a picture-enhancement technology. The technology has a single processor that controls video output from input through both core and supporting components to ensure optimum picture quality at much greater processing speed to suit today's large-screen displays, or to you and me, the ability to smooth lines that might appear jagged.

The integrated digital tuner features 7-day EPG, and digital Teletext as well as meaning that viewers won't need a separate freeview box to receive channels such as E4 or BBC Three.

The LT-32DX7 and LT-26DX7 models meet the “HD ready” criteria while the HDMI inputs are capable of receiving source signals up to HD 1080i (HD 1125i) 50/60Hz and 720p (750p) 60Hz.

Available now, the 26in and 32in televisions cost around £1099 and £1399, respectively.

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