Kalediescape is planning to launch a DVD server that can hold upto 660 movies in the UK in March Pocket-lint has learnt.

The American company hopes to bring its server technology to the UK so customers wanting to store up to DVD on a remote server and access them in any room similar to Sonos and its digital music server.

Although details are currently sketchy as to which models the company will be launching in the UK we can only hope it will be either the Kaleidescape System 3000 or Kaleidescape System 3500 home entertainment servers.

The KSERVER-3500 provides 100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and stores up to 660 DVDs on twelve 400GB disk cartridges (4.4 terabytes of RAID-protected storage capacity for those wanting to know).

Film buffs will also be able to connect multiple KSERVER-3500s to store thousands of movies at the touch of a button.

The lesser KS3000, differs by only providing simultaneous playback in up to five zones compared to the KS3500's 25 zones.

We will keep you posted.