NEC has launched a range of HD-ready plasma screens with sizes ranging from 42 inches to an impressive 61 inches.

The range boasts three models a 42 inch (42XR4), 50 inch (50XR4) and 61 inch (61XR4) screens and all feature a 4000:1 contrast ratio as well as a 160 degree viewing angle.

All three models will also come with split screen and picture-in-picture technology to allow up to two channels to be watched simultaneously - handy for the larger screen sizes.

NEC are pitching the need for one of these larger screens so you can watch the World Cup later this year in full glory. According to NEC this is due to be the first major event to be broadcast in the UK perhaps putting a date on the launch of Sky's HD service.

For the connectophiles, the screens offer seven connection options including two HDMI inputs.

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