They have been the centre of our living rooms for decades, but Dixons, the high street electrical chain in the UK, has announced that it is to stop selling the large and cumbersome Cathode Ray Tube televisions due to greater demand for flatscreen LCD and Plasma televisions.

“The cathode ray television has been a fixture in most homes for decades, but in the world of technology nothing stands still”, said Bryan Magrath, marketing director of the chain in an interview with The Times newspaper in London.

However the pressure to get the latest all singing all dancing LCD or Plasma television has prompted some people to think outside the box, one innovative owner of a traditional CRT television has opted around the problem by simply cutting a hole in his wall.

It is not the first time Dixons has shunted older technology for new. Last year the chain said that it would stop selling video recorders in favour of DVD players and digital cameras in favour of 35mm variants.

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