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(Pocket-lint) - InFocus has launched a new range of projectors that promise big images in a funky looking box.

The company has launched three new projectors ranging from 60 to 144 inches. For consumers looking for their first home entertainment system, InFocus recommends the Play Big IN72 is an affordable 480p resolution projector.

The InFocus Play Big IN74EX features native 576p resolution and The InFocus Play Big IN76 is a performance-rich 720p native HD front projector, bringing a superb big theater experience to the home of the video enthusiast.

The Play Big portfolio is easy to use, featuring auto-ceiling mount detection, integrated table-top pedestal, quiet operation and a patented low light pollution case.

The three projectors include the latest Texas Instruments enhanced definition DLP chip. The video image is enhanced with Pixelworks DNX video processing for superb brightness, contrast and overall video quality.

All models come calibrated to D65 colour standards to ensure cinema-quality colour reproduction. Additionally, InFocus Play Big projectors include the latest inputs such as HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), which provides the easiest and highest quality video interface available from DVD players, HD receivers and new HD game consoles enabled with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital contents protection).

The InFocus Play Big projectors will be available in Q1 2006. The InFocus Play Big IN72 will be available for $1,299, the IN74EX is priced at $1,999 and the IN76 is $2,999.

UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 5 January 2006.
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