Five Hollywood studios have announced their line-up of titles for the next generation of High-Definition DVD - Blu-ray.

Of the five, four of the studios have lent their support exclusively to Blu-ray.

More studios are expected to announce their high-definition launch titles this week at CES in Las Vegas.

Sony and Fox each have outlined 20 titles between them while Lionsgate and Paramount each have lined up 10 for release on the Sony-developed format.

Sony's starting line-up includes Will Smith's Hitch, Sci-fi action romp The Fifth Element, and House of Flying Daggers.

Fox, who also announced their line-up, has announced titles such as Fantastic Four, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Behind Enemy Lines staring Owen Wilson and animated adventure Ice Age.

Lionsgate's line-up includes Lord of War and horror movie Saw.

Paramount has opted for Sahara, and failed special effects movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Warner Bros has now announced its list of titles that will be released on March 28, 2006.

Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dukes of Hazzard. The Matrix, Twister and Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines are amongst the 24 movies Warner will release on HD DVD this year.

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