Sharp has used the first day of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin Germany to show off a new LCD that can simultaneously display different information in right and left viewing directions.

The monitor, which is currently still a prototype, doesn't yet have a confirmed purpose however Sharp is looking into a number of solutions including the possibility of an in-car entertainment system allowing the driver to view GPS map information, while a passenger watches a film.

Other uses we here at Pocket-lint can think of would be for spilt screen gaming without the need to spilt the image.

Using a number of proprietary technologies, such as something called parallax barrier superimposed on an ordinary TFT LCD, the LCD sends the light from the backlight into right and left directions, making it possible to show different information and visual content on the same screen at the same time depending on the viewing angle.

Sharp is also toying with the idea that the unit would be idea for Media PC's where one user would be able to watch television while another on the other side of the room surfs the internet.

When questioned Sharp were reluctant to suggest when we would see any products with the technology launched in the UK

We will keep you posted.

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