Not wanting to miss the digital home entertainment explosion that is currently happening at the moment, the £400 TVIX DVD Jukebox is a 200Gb multi-media storage box that connects to your television and promises enough space to store images, tv and music for your viewing pleasure.

The simple system connects to your computer as an external drive via USB and allows you to just transfer images, music and movies onto it. It automatically converts your movies to DivX format, taking an average 6 Gig movie down to around a mere 75 Mb.

The TVIX DVD Jukebox supports a host of file formats, such as MPEG , MPEG2 (AVI, VOB), MPEG4 (DivX, XviD) MP3, .JPEG, .WAV, .DVIX, MULTI CHANNEL DIGITAL AUDIO, OGG VORBIS and WMA.

It comes with all the cables you need and a remote control unit.

Having a chunky 200Gb drive on board means it can hold 100,000 songs (in WMA format), or 300 movies, or 20,000 photos.