Kiss Technology has launched a remote programming and recording feature for it's new hard disk recorder all via a mobile phone.

The DP-558 200Gb hard disk recorder can be programmed to record from the user's mobile phone or PC.

The remote solution works via a browser on the cell phone. Via the browser the user can point out and click on information about favourite TV-programs and choose which programs to record.

“Offering a remote programming solution for the user via the cell phone or a PC at work proves that we are truly on the verge of the wireless digital home. Now the user is not restricted to be physically at home if they want to record a TV program, but can access and start programming anywhere as long as they use a browser based cell phone or have access to a PC,” says Bo Lustrup, Marketing Manager, KiSS Technology A/S.

The player also features an integrated TV tuner and the option between an 80 GB or 200 GB hard disk. DP-558 is also equipped with a Time Shift function that in just 1.5 seconds lets the user record and watch at the same time allowing pauses in live television.

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