Toshiba has got a boost in its push for the HD-DVD format today with a statement that it has got backing from major Hollywood studios for its HD-DVD format.

Paramount Pictures, Universal PIctures, New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers have all said they will be supporting the new film format.

The company is developing the HD-DVD technology in competition with Sony's Blu-ray disc and both are trying to get movie support so the formats don't fail.
The announcement doesn't exempt the studios from supporting the Blu-ray format as well, however it does offer a good indication of which way the industry is heading.

Toshiba are promising more storage, cheaper production and backward
compatibility with current DVD discs something that the industry is keen on.

However Sony, aren't going to give up easy and are likely to use the Blu-ray format in the PlayStation 3 when it launches in 2006.

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