Beyond Europe has launched a new television and DVD player with FM radio, a video monitoring system and internet access for the kitchen called the iCEBOX FlipScreen.

The unit, which has been designed to fit under a kitchen wall unit offers a 12.1in LCD touch screen display that flips down from under a wall unit to be viewed. It also comes with a wireless keyboard and remote-control that are fully waterproof to cope with those inevitable spillages when cooking.

Even better the iCEBOX can be connected to the internet, so long as you have broadband so you can view pocket-lint while you make your supper - the unit is also Wireless B enabled (as long as you have a wireless card) so you can connect it to a wireless network. Connecting a CCTV to the unit will turn it into a video monitoring system as well.

The iCEBOX™ retails at the rather expensive price of £1999.99

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