Casio has announced a new wireless and waterproof portable TV to go up against Sony's new Location free television.

The Casio XFER-1000, similar to Sharp's wireless LCD TV can operate for 3 hours on a battery charge. However the more compact model features a 10” with a resolution of 640x480dots. The system works from a base unit that allows you to connect a terrestrial TV aerial, as well as featuring other receivers so connect DVD players.

The key Unique selling point over its rivals however is that the screen and the remote are waterproof meaning you can take the television in the bath or watch it in the swimming pool.

The new Casio TV goes on sale in Japan next month for 170,000 (£900).

Meanwhile Sony not wanting to be left out of the party has also announced the LocationFree concept, a personal broadband LCD television system.

The unit features a slightly bigger 12.1-inch touch screen LCD monitor and again a base station. The difference however is that this unit features the industry's first dual band wireless connection and high speed Ethernet port to transmit data, transforming it into a mobile video entertainment powerhouse that allows users to enjoy television, video, Internet browsing/streaming video, e-mail, and digital photos, all without a PC as well as doubling up as a state of the art remote control to operate the rest of your hi-fi.

Sony is hoping to launch the new system and the optional monitor later this year.