Linksys has showcased a series of new consumer products at CeBIT. The new products include an upgrade of its Media Adapter and a DVD player with Wireless-G connectivity.

The upgraded Media Adapter now supports the Wireless-G protocol as well as gaining the ability to stream MPEG4 videos.

The DVD unit houses the both the Media Adaptor from above and the inclusion of a DVD player. Like the media adapter, users will be able to stream live video, music or images from their computer via a wireless network to share on the television.

Linksys also showed a Wireless-G camera that allows you to connect it to the network and an ADSL wireless gateway with Speed Boost technology which they imply has a 35% speed increase over similar Wireless G setups.

The camera connects to a wireless network and allows you to view images anywhere on the web. All you need is a broadband connection. Linksys are also offering a handy prebuilt website that will host your camera for £20 a year allowing you to avoid anything technical.