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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone's favourite slasher franchise has a new lease of life following the success of the 2022 "requel". While we had a massive eleven-year gap between the third and fourth entries in the series, as well as the fourth and fifth - we shouldn't have long to wait for the next film at all.

The fifth Scream movie, simply called Scream, was released in January 2022 and, after a successful box-office run, the sixth movie was greenlit in February. It's early days and not much has been revealed about the upcoming movie yet, but we've rounded up everything we know so far - and we'll keep updating this page as we learn more.

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Scream 6 cast

The latest Scream film was a bit of a reset for the franchise. While it brought back the original cast, it did so while simultaneously adding a new cast of characters to carry the torch going forward. The original gang were still integral to the plot of Scream, but we can imagine them becoming less central as the franchise continues.

So far, we know that Courtney Cox will be returning to reprise her role as the iconic reporter, Gale Weathers. There's no official word on our original scream queen, Neve Campbell, but we think it's more than likely that we'll see her appearing at some point. In February 2022, Campbell said she had been approached about returning but was waiting to read the script first.

Interestingly, Hayden Panettiere is set to return as Kirby Reed from Scream 4. While it looked like she might not have survived at the end of Scream 4, her fate was finally confirmed over a decade later in Scream. This will be her first feature film role in eight years. She'll be joining the latest survivors, Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega.

Scream 6 trailers

It's far too early for trailers, but instead, we'd recommend re-watching the franchise from the beginning. All of the movies hold up in their own right, and if you're wondering the best order to watch them in - here's our recommendation:

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Scream 6 plot

The plot of Scream 6 is all speculation at this point. There wasn't an obvious set-up at the end of Scream, but then there never really has been in this franchise.

We could imagine Sidney and Gale taking a back seat to the new younger cast members, but a Fandom interview with Bettinelli-Olpin suggests that might not be the case. He said "We think of it more as we have new people in the family. For us, whatever's right for the next one is right."

"We would love to be able to work with Neve and Courteney again. That was truly a wonderful experience and they were just so fantastic the whole time."

We're fairly certain we'll be seeing a lot more of Sam and Tara Carpenter, especially given Sam's parental connection to the original Scream. 

As always, there will be some meta-comedy surrounding modern horror tropes. The fifth movie took aim at "requels", obsessive fandoms and "elevated horror". What does that leave for Scream 6? Your guess is as good as ours, perhaps "requel sequels" - though they might need to find a catchier name for that.

Scream 6 release date

Paramount has announced that the upcoming Scream movie will be released on March 31 2023. It's set to begin shooting in the summer of 2022. 

This is the shortest gap between Scream movies since the first and second films. Could we be entering a new golden age of Ghostface? We sure hope so.

Writing by Luke Baker.
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