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(Pocket-lint) - When you're looking for a new TV, you want all the bells and whistles to future proof your new set. The problem is, most high-end TVs tend to start around the 50-inch size and larger.

If you've got a smaller living room, or if you'd just prefer that a hulking great TV didn't dominate your living space, then it would seem that Loewe has the answer.

The Bild C is an ultra-high-end TV available in 32-inch and 43-inch sizes, with a world-class design and packed with the latest tech.

It features an integrated soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos as well as Bluetooth music streaming, so your audio solution can fit nicely into your space, too.

As you'd expect from Loewe, the Bild C is wonderfully designed and includes a 'floating' frame and hidden cabling.

Loewe says the TV "has been specifically tailored for a brighter, more colourful picture, with a wider viewing angle: ensuring you can place the TV wherever you want in the room and still enjoy an incredible experience of your favourite shows."

The set uses Loewe's latest os7 operating system, which gives you access to all your favourite streaming platforms and features a new home screen that's easier to navigate.

The 32-inch variant comes with a 1080p resolution, whereas the 43-inch has a 4K display. Both are LCD panels with an E-LED backlight.

Both options support HDR10, but only the 43-inch has Dolby Vision support.

If you're looking to get your hands on one, the Bild C is available at Loewe's website starting today. The 32-inch costs £/€1,299 and the 43-inch goes for £/€1,499.

Writing by Luke Baker.
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