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(Pocket-lint) - Strong has confirmed its entrance into the UK market with the Strong Leap-S1. The company, already available in much of Europe, is a sub-division of Skyworth, one of China's largest TV manufacturers and a familiar name to anyone who knows their TVs.

The Strong Leap-S1 is actually available in the UK already and has been for a few months, but with a new year there seems to be a new push, giving you another option when it comes to streaming to your TV.

This streaming box is based on Android TV OS 10, offering those Google advantages, like Play Store access for apps, Google Assistant and Chromecast function, as well as offering Google Stadia (if you're a subscriber), for a more enhanced gaming experience.

There's HDMI 2.1a support and you'll get 4K HDR resolutions, support for Dolby audio, while the box also offers a range of connections options.

Because this box is larger than many of the dongles offered elsewhere, it opens up some other opportunities. It has Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi, for starters, but also offers USB and microSD for expansion.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote, meaning you don't need line of sight, you can tuck it out of the way and remain in control of your box.

You'll be able to get a £10 discount on this box if buying in the UK, meaning you can pick it up for £59.99.


Writing by Chris Hall.
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