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(Pocket-lint) - Euro 2020 may be taking place a year later than expected, but that doesn't mean the quality will be any poorer for it - and that includes the quality of your picture when streaming.

For this competition, the BBC has been be showing a select number of games in glorious 4K/UHD - and that includes the Italy vs England final. And given the ongoing restrictions surrounding match-going fans, more people than ever will be aiming to achieve the gold standard of resolution.

Providing you can sneak away from your office desk and have the right TV setup, you'll be able to experience every kick in impressive detail - a minor consolation to not being allowed to stand in packed fan parks, throwing your drink in the air when England score (or concede).

In this quick explainer, we'll be getting you up to speed on which games are receiving the UHD treatment, as well as which TVs and streaming devices will be supporting the feature through the BBC iPlayer app.

Which Euro 2020 games are showing in UHD?

Assuming you have the right setup and equipment, which we'll detail more below, you should be able to experience 22 games in UHD and HDR for free during the tournament. 

This hasn't been the entirety of the BBC's 25-match allocation, but it does include the Italy vs England final. Here are the games fans have been/will be able to view in UHD:

    • Finland v Russia - Wednesday, 16 June at 14:00
    • Turkey v Wales - Wednesday, 16 June at 17:00
    • Netherlands v Austria - Thursday, 17 June at 20:00
    • Sweden v Slovakia - Friday, 18 June at 14:00
    • Croatia v Czech Republic - Friday, 18 June at 17:00
    • Hungary v France - Saturday, 19 June at 14:00
    • Spain v Poland - Saturday, 19 June at 20:00
    • Finland v Belgium - Monday, 21 June at 20:00
    • Russia v Denmark - Monday, 21 June at 20:00
    • Croatia v Scotland - Tuesday, 22 June at 20:00
    • Czech Republic v England - Tuesday, 22 June at 20:00
    • Germany v Hungary - Wednesday, 23 June at 20:00
    • Portugal v France - Wednesday, 23 June at 20:00
    • Wales v Denmark - Saturday, 26 June at 17:00
    • Italy v Austria - Saturday, 26 June at 20:00 
    • England v Germany - Tuesday, 29 June at 17:00 
    • Sweden v Ukraine - Tuesday, 29 June at 20:00
    • Belgium v Italy - Friday, 02 July at 20:00
    • Ukraine v England - Saturday, 03 July at 20:00 
    • Italy v Spain - Tuesday, 06 July at 20:00
    • Italy v England - Sunday, 11 July at 20:00 

    What TV or streaming device can play Euro 2020 games in UHD?

    Thankfully, the BBC has already done the legwork when it comes to figuring out whether you have the right TV: consult this far-reaching list of compatible TVs for BBC UHD content.

    For those who don't see their TV model listed, there are more avenues to explore. Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen) and Roku streaming devices released in 2019 or earlier are able to help deliver the eye-melting detail of UHD - providing your TV is 4K compatible, of course - and can easily plug straight into an HDMI port. You'll also be able to stream through the BT TV box.


    We should also mention that a big factor in streaming UHD content is a high-speed internet connection. The BBC notes that you'll need at least 24mbps for 4K, or, alternatively, 12mbps for a 'reduced experience'. Naturally, having plenty of devices connected to your network at the same time could also be problematic, so, as ever, the higher speed, the better off you'll be.

    For those planning on watching matches through the iPlayer app on Sky Q, the BBC has unfortunately indicated that UHD won't be supported. The browser version of the iPlayer app also won't be showing UHD content (hard luck for those watching on a monitor).

    How to watch Euro 2020 games in UHD

    Firstly, just make sure these settings are correct:

    1. Head to 'Settings' in the BBC iPlayer.

    2. Select 'Settings & Help'.

    3. Choose 'Video Quality'.

    4. Pick 'Best Quality' from the options.

    If your TV or streaming device supports the iPlayer app and UHD content, you should automatically get the option to play either UHD or a standard stream when selecting a game from the menu.

    This will pop up at the same time as the option to watch live or from the start.

    Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Chris Hall.