Best Tom Clancy movie order: How to watch the Ryanverse

Cold War thriller with Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan and James Earl Jones as Admiral Greer, while Sean Connery the Russain submarine captain looks to defect. (image credit: Paramount)
Harrison Ford steps up as Jack Ryan, this time taking the fight to IRA terrorists. (image credit: Paramount)
Ford is back and now acting Deputy Director of the CIA. This time the action focuses on Columbia and the war on drugs. (image credit: Paramount)
Ben Affleck stars as Jack Ryan in this reboot, centred around a stolen Israeli nuke. (image credit: Paramount)
Jack Ryan is back and this time Chris Pine stars, once again picked from his desk job as a CIA analyst to follow the money trail. (image credit: Paramount)
Michael B Jordan stars in John Kelly, telling the origin story of another central Tom Clancy character. It's expected that a Rainbow Six movie will follow. (image credit: Amazon Studios)
Not movies, but rich in Jack Ryan action, the Amazon TV series are also worth watching for another take on the Jack Ryan story. (image credit: Amazon Studios)

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