Halloween movies in order: The complete Michael Myers timeline

The first Halloween kicks off Halloween night in 1963. We see a 6-year-old Michael Myers murder his sister, Laurie, with a kitchen knife at 45 Lampkin Lane. (image credit: Halloween (1978))
Picking up at the end of the first film, Laurie is transported to a hospital after supposedly defeating Michael. But he gets up and goes after Laurie again. (image credit: Halloween II (1981))
Yes, we skip Halloween III. This film picks up 10 years after the first two films, with Michael awakening from a coma to find and kill Laurie’s daughter, Jamie. (image credit: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers(1988))
Halloween 4 saw Michael Myers shot and thrown down a mineshaft. This film sees him wash up in a creek comatose. But he awakes on Halloween night to find Jamie. (image credit: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989))
Years later, Jamie is a mom and prisoner of a cult that broke Michael free. She dies, but the boy (Paul Rudd) Laurie babysat in the first film finds her baby. (image credit: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995))
H20 opens with Michael vandalising the home of his former doctor. He then discovers that Laurie faked her death in Halloween 4. It's time for a family reunion. (image credit: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later)
This installment sees two things we never thought we’d see: Michael Myers finally gets to kill Laurie Strode, and he karate-fights Busta Rhymes. (image credit: Halloween: Resurrection (2002))
The highest-grossing film is also the most recent. It's a reboot and sequel to the original Halloween, treating all the other movies as if they didn’t happen. (image credit: Halloween (2018))
The looks to be the bloodiest entry yet. It picks up where 2018's Halloween left off - with Michael trapped in the basement of Laurie's burning house. (image credit: Halloween Kills (2021))
We’re closing our guide with the two Rob Zombie remakes. The first, also called Halloween, follows the events of the original film, but it's set decades later. (image credit: Halloween (2007))
Set a year after the first Rob Zombie-helmed Halloween, Michael is living as a hitchhiker and has visions of his mother calling for him to find Laurie. (image credit: Halloween 2 (2009))
The final movie is the third-released film from the Halloween franchise. But it has nothing to connect it to the universe. There's not even a Michael Myers. (image credit: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1985))

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