(Pocket-lint) - Say hello to Cello, a British TV manufacturer making tellies right here in the UK. The company has launched a range of 32- to 70-inch Android smart TVs with Freeview Play built in. Here's what's what.

Cello divides its new Android TV range into three: there's the HD Ready (720p) side, with 24- (model number: C2420G) and 32-inch (C3220G) models; there's the Full HD (1080p) selection, with 40- (C4020G) and 43-inch (C4320G) models; and there's the 4K (2160p) selection, with 50-inch (C5020G) available now, with the larger 55- and 70-inch models available in the future.

Each of Cello's smart series incorporates Google Chromecast, Google Assistant, and Google Play Store - so you can plug into that Google goodness straight out of the box.

It's fairly rare to find TVs with lower resolution than Full HD these days, but at these smaller scales this many pixels may actually make sense. Especially if you're looking for a small TV to live in, say, your kids' bedrooms.

It's even rarer to find a British TV manufacturer assembling in the UK. So if you're behind backing home grown in this time of recession, don't overlook the underdog and give Cello a look in.

Pricing starts from £179.99 for the 24-inch, progressing up to £329.99 for the 50-inch.


Writing by Mike Lowe.
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