Spider-Man movies in order: What is the best order to watch?

We recommend you start with this film because it reveals multiple versions of Spider-People coming together from multiple universes, aka the Spider-Verse. (image credit: Sony)
This film follows young Peter Parker as he develops super speed, strength, and the ability to produce webs after getting bitten by an enhanced spider. (image credit: Sony)
One of the most beloved superhero sequels sees Tobey Maguire return to take on his mentor Otto Octavius who has transformed into Doctor Octopus. (image credit: Sony)
The final film in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy is the most disappointing. But at least Spiderman fights two villains - Venom and Flint Marko. (image credit: Sony)
This film sees Parker discover some of his deceased father's research into a way for humans to regrow lost limbs. Then things go awry. (image credit: Sony)
Not only does Peter battle Electro, but he also deals with his terminally ill friend, who believes Spider-Man's blood could hold the key to curing him. (image credit: Sony)
Sony agreed to let the Spider-Man character be used by Marvel in the MCU this was when Tom Holland debuted as Peter Parker in Civil War. (image credit: Disney/Marvel)
Following his adventure with Tony Stark Peter Parker returns home to his life with his Aunt May where he gets bored but things soon turn interesting. (image credit: Sony/Marvel)
In Spider-Man's third entry in the MCU, Tom Holland gave us one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, when we see his fate following the snap. (image credit: Marvel)
While Spider-Man isn't featured a tonne in Endgame, it's important as it sets up Peter Parker as the potential future leader of the Avengers. (image credit: Marvel)
The first post-Endgame MCU film, this one shows Holland's Peter Parker dealing with the fallout from the death of his idol and mentor, Tony Stark. (image credit: Sony/Marvel)
Because there is no Spider-Man appearance in Venom, we orginally said this film is optional. However, Venom's second film has changed that. (image credit: Sony)
In the post-credits of this film, Venom is transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sees Peter Parker's identity revealed on TV. (image credit: Sony Pictures)
This film leans heavily into the idea of the Spider-Verse and sees the return of Spider-Man's foes from across the history of Spider-Man films. (image credit: Sony Pictures)