(Pocket-lint) - Like many people, we gobbled down the first three episodes of The Mandalorian and are patiently waiting for the next episode to land.

In the meantime, we've been scouring the interwebs trying to find Baby Yoda plushies. But we've had no luck. We looked at Amazon and Walmart and all the official online stores. The best we could find was some high-priced, custom knock-off on Etsy. Cool, but not the real deal. 

As much as we love Disney for giving us "The Child", it was a blaring mistake for the company not to launch its streaming service along with plenty of new merchandise for fans to buy. But, thankfully, it is finally doing something about it. Three weeks late is better than never, right?

Disney has started to sell merchandise for The Child, also known across the interwebs as Baby Yoda from the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. You can find shirts, bags, cups, and phone cases. But, oddly, no dolls or toys. TechCrunch called it "the laziest merch" launch ever, but we're happy to at least have options! Just look at Baby Yoda on this shirt. It's one click away from going in our cart.

To be clear, The Mandalorian is new, so we were not expecting original artwork or anything high-end to be available yet. We are hoping, however, that a plushy does go on sale before Christmas. It'd make the perfect gift for someone (us).

Writing by Maggie Tillman.