Nvidia appears to be prepping two different Shield TV devices and an all-new remote, as evident by recent leaks on both Amazon and Newegg.

Nvidia already offers a Shield TV player, but it is due for a refresh. Apparently, however, we can expect an update to land soon, as a new Nvidia Shield TV Pro with a faster Tegra X1+ processor and a new remote has been spotted in a now-removed Amazon listing. The listing prematurely revealed the product a few days ahead of a supposed 28 October release, according to 9to5Google.

The Shield TV Pro looks like the Shield TV from 2017, and even the specs are similar, as the new model will offer 16GB of flash storage and 3GB of RAM. So, the biggest changes will be the processor and the new remote control, which has a fresh design, motion-activated backlit buttons, a built-in remote control locator, and other buttons for media control - including a customisable menu button.

The Shield TV Pro also supports Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, and something Nvidia has called “AI Upscaling" - which should offer “crisper, clearer, video enhanced to 4K resolution in real-time". According to the Amazon listing, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro will cost $199.99 when it's released later this month. And it might land alongside another Shield TV model.


Newegg has leaked a second Shield TV that supports 4K playback with Dolby Vision. 9to5Google spotted this model, which runs Google’s Android TV software and has a noticeable different form factor. It has a cylindrical design that measures 6.5 inches wide and 1.57 inches tall, according to Newegg. The leak shows it packs an HDMI, microSD, power jack, and Ethernet. It even has the X1+.

Newegg had the price for the cylindrical Shield TV listed as $199 Canadian ($150 US). Although it appears to have half the amount of built-in storage as the Shield TV Pro, it does share the same remote. It'll presumably also be announced soon.