Batman movies in order: What order should you watch Batman?

Adam West stars in the first live-action version of Batman. Burt Ward plays his sidekick Robin. The film also features four of the best Batman villains. (image credit: 20th Century Fox)
The first modern Batman film sees Michael Keaton face off with Jack Nicholson's Joker, who's out to poison all of Gotham.  (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Michael Keaton returns as Batman to contend with The Penguin, played by Danny Devito. Luckily he has a little help from Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman.  (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Batman (Val Kilmer) teams up with Robin (Chris O'Donnell) to take on two of his most famous villains, Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and The Riddler (Jim Carrey). (image credit: Warner Bros.)
The last 90s Batman film sees George Clooney's only turn as the caped crusader, as well as Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. (image credit: Warner Bros.)
The first Christopher Nolan Batman film introduces Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and shows his training to become Batman by a mysterious organisation. (image credit: Warner Bros.)
The crowning achievement of Batman films sees Bale return as Batman to face off with Heath Ledger's iconic version of the Joker. (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Tom Hardy's Bane arrives in Gotham on a mission to destroy the city and exact revenge on Batman for killing Ra's Al Ghul. (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Batman, now played by Ben Affleck, decides Superman (Henry Cavill) is a threat and builds a Kryptonite-powered suit to take him out.  (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Affleck's Batman isn't in a ton of this film, but he does show up for a few scenes to show how the Suicide Squad landed in prison.  (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Set two years after the death of Superman, Batman senses danger on the horizon and sets out to form the Justice League. (image credit: Warner Bros.)
There's not really any Batman in this film, but Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor for his turn as the iconic villain, the Joker.  (image credit: Warner Bros.)
Robert Pattinson stars as Bruce Wayne, aka the Batman, as he's working to take on Paul Dano's sadistic version of The Riddler. (image credit: Warner Bros)

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