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(Pocket-lint) - Fire TV Edition TVs are about to come to the UK – but what does that mean? Fire TV is a smart TV system from Amazon. Basically, it’s an easy-to-use interface that’s previously been used on Fire TV streaming devices such as the Fire TV Stick and Stick 4K.

Only now it’s coming natively to selected new TVs in the UK, so not only can you select programmes from streaming services, but you can watch live TV through the Fire TV interface, too. Indeed, you can access the full list of Freeview HD channels.

So you can watch the Rugby World Cup live on ITV HD, stream Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, catch up with the latest Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer and check out After Life on Netflix.

Fire TV Edition TVs will soon be available in the UK

4K HDR Fire TV Edition TVs will soon be available in the UK thanks to a unique partnership between Currys PC World and Amazon. Indeed, the new JVC Fire TV Edition Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TVs will be exclusive to the retailer.

They’re available in three sizes. – 40-inch for £329, 49-inch for £399 and 55-inch for £499 and incorporate some of the latest technology – as well as 4K Ultra HD, the TVs offer support for HDR with Dolby Vision and also have DTS Sound technology.

The JVC Fire TV Edition Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR TVs will be available from Currys PC World stores and from Currys.co.uk from November.

What you'll love about Fire TV Edition TVs

The JVC Fire TV Edition naturally also features built-in voice control capability using Amazon Alexa. Simply lift the remote, press the mic button and put in your request. Alexa can search for your favourite show, actor or director. You can also control what’s on your screen so you can pause, play or skip.

And, naturally, you can do almost all the other things you’d expect from an Alexa device like an Amazon Echo in your home like play music or control other smart home devices such as smart bulbs or thermostats that you’ve connected to your Amazon Alexa setup.

Just ask and it will be done. Alexa and the Fire TV interface also continuously updates, so you can access new streaming services and get new features.

The Fire TV interface is easy to set up with your Amazon account and, naturally works best if you have access to Amazon Prime Video.

The simple Home screen adapts to match your viewing habits, so if you often watch Channel 4 or binge on UK TV shows, those channels or apps will be displayed ready-and-waiting for you. It's the same with your favourite shows. You can also select apps and channels to go into a customisable row in the interface yourself.