Movie and TV casts amusingly re-imagined with Photoshop

Have you ever watched a film or TV show and thought another actor might be suited to the lead role? (image credit: dravreh/Design Crowd)
What if the cast of family guy included Scooby Doo and Ralo from "The Cleaveland Show" rather than Brian and Stewie? (image credit: ufurgger)
It's hard to imagine how Dexter could be played by anyone other than Michael C. Hall but we'd certainly like to see what the comedian would do with it.  (image credit: DennisL)
What if the cast of Breaking Bad were replaced with that of Big Bang Theory? (image credit: AnneR/Design Crowd)
Giving up the meth game for a biker's life, Walter White could have been even more of a mean machine. (image credit: Msetz/Design Crowd)
There's no denying that Rowan Atkinson is a masterful actor. We wonder how he would have handled the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad. (image credit: lato930/Design Crowd)
Imagine if Dexter was playing House. Not just Micheal C. Hall instead of Hugh Laurie but a serial killer with incredible intelligence.  (image credit: Pitinhas)
We'd love to see how Rowan Atkinson would play the Joker. That would be something special surely. (image credit: John McConnell/Design Crowd)
Jack Nicholson would have no doubt taken on Tyrion Lannister's character with gusto.  (image credit: Paulie Cashews/Design Crowd)
A new Muppets film is in the works, only this time with an adult theme, some shenanigans and plenty of drinking. (image credit: sittingduck/Design Crowd)
The Terminators were meant to be able to go undercover and strike when least expected. Zach Galifianakis certainly doesn't look like a killing machine, (image credit: Buurman/Design Crowd)
Elijah Wood was fantastic in it but we'd also love to see what Jim Carey would have done with the role.  (image credit: Pitinhas)
Now, this Photoshopping has us imagining what it might be like if Dexter was rebooted with Jim Parsons playing the serial killer.  (image credit: HoboKing/Design Crowd)
It's not just standard TV shows and films that are getting the re-casting treatment. Cartoons too are getting a makeover. (image credit: beoriginal/Design Crowd)
We're seeing a lot more stars in TV shows of late, so it's perfectly plausible that Brad Pitt might make an appearance in a show like 24 if it was on TV now.  (image credit: dnunciate)
What if 90s classic Friends wasn't a sitcom, but instead was a very different show about five pals and their serial killer buddy? (image credit: AlexanderCrafter/Design Crowd)
We had a lot of love for George Peppard as Hannibal, but we do enjoy the idea of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith. (image credit: dravreh/Design Crowd)
If Quentin Tarantino decided to break into the cartoon world, maybe this could have happened? (image credit: UNSUB1/Design Crowd)
Life after Fraiser was interesting for Niles Crane. Joined a white power gang, spent some time in prison, then tried to turn his life around. (image credit: nilvis/Design Crowd)
The loveable ogre Shrek is hiding a deadly secret. Under that green skin, he's packing a metal endoskeleton and the programming to kill John Connor. (image credit: renatodornas/Design Crowd)
Ben Stiller might have been hilarious as Zoolander, but could he pull off a young Superman? (image credit: menelmacar/Design Crowd)
What if Jim Carey had taken the lead on this one instead of Al Pacino? Things would have been very different.   (image credit: Xeentje/Design Crowd)
Casting Jim Carey as the Joker is actually a really great idea in our mind. (image credit: vnmrde/Design Crowd)
We're not sure Bill Gates would be too happy with this Photoshopping that sees him as the 40-Year-Old Virgin. (image credit: chrisoberg)
A classic scene from American Beauty is now made all the more awkward and weird with the addition of Kermit. (image credit: EvanTH/Design Crowd)