(Pocket-lint) - Have you ever watched a film or TV show and thought another actor might be suited to the lead role? Now, thanks to another brilliant contest at Design Crowd, you can let your imagination run wild thanks to the efforts of some brilliant Photoshoppers. 

These artists were given the challenge of imagining they were in charge of recasting and to post the results. 

We've collected some of our favourites for you to enjoy, but be sure to check out all the previous entries for some extra chortles. 

AnneR/Design Crowd

Breaking Bad Theory

What if the cast of Breaking Bad were replaced with that of Big Bang Theory? We love the thought of Sheldon Cooper cooking meth. Certainly an interesting use of his massive brainpower. 

Msetz/Design Crowd

Dad's of Anarchy

Giving up the meth game for a biker's life, Walter White could have been even more of a mean machine. Leathers, road hog and knife on his hip. He certainly looks the part. 

lato930/Design Crowd

Bean Breaks Bad

There's no denying that Rowan Atkinson is a masterful actor. He's much more than just slapstick and daft comedy. We wonder how he would have handled the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad. It certainly would have been a very different series. 

John McConnell/Design Crowd

The real Joker

There's been a lot of hype online since the new trailer for the Joker film dropped. From what we've seen it looks like Joaquin Phoenix has done an incredible job with the role, but seeing this Photoshopping, we'd love to see how Rowan Atkinson would play the character. 

Paulie Cashews/Design Crowd

Jack Nicholson as The Imp 

Although he might struggle to take on the role of a person of smaller stature, the incredible Jack Nicholson would have no doubt taken on Tyrion Lannister's character with gusto. 

sittingduck/Design Crowd

The Muppets get a Hangover

A new Muppets film is in the works, only this time with an adult theme, some shenanigans and plenty of drinking. We'd actually love to see this one if only to see Elmo off his face. 

Buurman/Design Crowd

Zach Galifianakis as The Terminator 

This one is not just hilarious, it's actually fairly clever too. After all, the Terminators were meant to be able to go undercover and strike when least expected. Zach Galifianakis certainly doesn't look like a killing machine, but we bet he'd kill the role.  

HoboKing/Design Crowd

Sheldon Cooper the serial killer

We loved Dexter, it was a cracking show. Now, this Photoshopping has us imagining what it might be like if it was rebooted with Jim Parsons playing the serial killer. 

beoriginal/Design Crowd

American Dad

It's not just standard TV shows and films that are getting the re-casting treatment. Cartoons are getting a makeover too. We like the idea of multiple cartoon characters appearing in one show and replacing the current line-up. Fred Flinstone as Stan Smith would be especially hilarious. 

AlexanderCrafter/Design Crowd

Dangerous Friends

What if 90s classic Friends wasn't a sitcom, but instead was a very different show about five pals and their serial killer buddy? They've all got a secret to hide and some bodies to bury. 

dravreh/Design Crowd

Arnie's A-Team

We had a lot of love for George Peppard as Hannibal, but we do enjoy the idea of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith. Though would it work to have two burly men in one show?

UNSUB1/Design Crowd

Olive Oyl 

If Quentin Tarantino decided to break into the cartoon world, maybe this could have happened? Popeye's girlfriend goes on a killing rampage armed with a yellow tracksuit and deadly katana. Interesting watching. 

nilvis/Design Crowd

American History X with Niles Crane

Life after Fraiser was certainly interesting for Niles Crane. Joined a white power gang, spent some time in prison, then tried to turn his life around. That smile on his face hides a world of pain. 

renatodornas/Design Crowd


Imagine a world where the loveable ogre Shrek was hiding a deadly secret. Under that green skin, he was packing a metal endoskeleton and the programming to kill John Connor. Certainly an unexpected twist to the series. 

menelmacar/Design Crowd


Ben Stiller might have been hilarious as Zoolander, but could he pull off a young Superman? We're not so sure. But he certainly would have been an interesting casting in Smallville. 

Xeentje/Design Crowd

Devil's Advocate with Jim Carey

The Devil's Advocate was an iconic film and an utter classic. Pacino and Reeves made for an awesome pairing. But what if Jim Carey had taken the lead instead? Things would have been very different.  

vnmrde/Design Crowd

Another Mask

Casting Jim Carey as the Joker is actually a really great idea in our mind. After all, he's already worn a mask and pulled off a fantastic character change when doing so. Some green hair and wild makeup and we have no doubt he'd channel his inner madman.  

EvanTH/Design Crowd

A bath with Kermit

A classic scene from American Beauty is now made all the more awkward and weird with the addition of Kermit. And, of course, the knowledge of the misdeeds of Mr Spacey. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.