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(Pocket-lint) - With the imminent closure of UltraViolet, Flixster has announced that it will also be shutting down later this year.

The movie library service owned by Warner has played host to many owners UltraViolet movie collections, especially in Europe where it has continued long after closing down in the US.


But, with UltraViolet itself ceasing as a service from 31 July, Flixster sent an email to all of its users (including Pocket-lint) informing them that it too will "shut down its website, applications and operations on 31 October 2019".

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Not only are you encouraged to download your UV libraries (although we have struggled to get that to work through the Mac OS app), as part of the mail notification Flixster announced that it has signed a deal with Google to migrate user libraries to Google Play.

It warns that certain movies in a collection may not be available for migration, but this is a darn sight better than losing them altogether. Google Play Movies is more widely available on smart devices too, so it could be argued that this is the best outcome possible.

We will learn more about Google Play migration in July.

We still recommend you download your UV library before 31 July. And, if you have any other DVDs, Blu-rays or 4K Ultra-HD Blu-rays with UV digital download codes you are yet to redeem, do so now. You won't be able to after the end of next month.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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