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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei might soon enter the television market with its Honor sub-brand.

CnBeta has claimed that Huawei and Honor are about to launch televisions under both brands. They have about 200 to 300 people working under a new TV division, and they plan to release the sets sometime this year. Huawei is focusing on premium models, while Honor will go for budget. 

More specifically, Huawei might launch two affordable TVs under its sub-brand Honor in April and May, with a higher-end Huawei TV to follow in the second-half of 2019. The Huawei TV will reportedly start at 65 inches. All the models will be available through online retail shops, too. 

The report indicated Huawei wants to both pare down and double down on its Internet of Things portfolio, and a TV could help it to do so. The company also plans to explore content options and improving its 5G network penetration. Keep in mind Huawei's direct rivals are already in the TV business. Xiaomi, for instance, has entered the smart TV business, and OnePlus is also working on a television set to be launched this year. 

Little else is known at this point, including pricing, specs, and exact release dates, but we may learn more at MWC 2019. We'll keep you posted. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.