We're almost at the end of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and while a valiant England will not be playing for the ultimate prize, they will be competing for third-place honours against Belgium this Saturday.

Then, of course, there's the World Cup final itself, where France take on Croatia. Here is how to watch both matches wherever you might be.

How to watch the World Cup play-off and final on 14/15 July

England might have lost in the semi but they are back in action this Saturday against Belgium to see who takes third place. It kicks off at 3pm BST and will be shown on ITV.

Then, it is Croatia playing France in the World Cup final on Sunday 15 July at 4pm. 

As the culmination of the 2018 World Cup will be shown on both BBC One and ITV, you also have the chance to watch the World Cup Final in 4K.

Watching the World Cup on TV in the UK

  • Coverage split between the BBC and ITV

Watching the World Cup in the UK is mega easy. That’s because it’s one of the“crown jewels” of sport– events that have to be available on free-to-air TV under UK law.

The BBC and ITV have been sharing the coverage as usual, with all the games live on BBC 1, ITV or ITV 4. Evening highlights are also available around 10.30pm. This programme will usually be on the channel that hasn’t shown a game that evening (the same channel may have shown games earlier in the day).

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Both BBC and ITV will be showing the World Cup Final, while ITV has the third/fourth-place play-off.

The BBC’s punditry team features Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville and Alex Scott while ITV has Sky man Gary Neville on analysis duty alongside a great selection of other former pro footballers.

Watching the World Cup online and on your phone

  • BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub apps the places to go
  • TV Catchup app a good backup 

In the UK, all the games were shown live on BBC iPlayer or the ITV Hub, as were the highlights shows. The same is true for the final. The BBC has been streaming all its games in HD (UHD for compatible TVs too - see below).

Packages of highlights are available from both broadcasters’ websites. And goals and short highlights are available on their respective Twitter and other social accounts (for the games they have the rights to).

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This World Cup is more defined by readily-available short-form video than ever before. There’s also FIFA’s own Twitter account and YouTube channel as well. The BBC is also posting daily World Cup stories on Snapchat and Instagram. 

If you’re on your phone, you can watch the games using the iPlayer and ITV Hub apps. The BBC Sport app is also an invaluable resource for highlights. if you have any issues, have the TV Catchup app downloaded. It's only for live stuff, but can help out when official apps have problems. 

Archive games are also available via FIFA's YouTube channel where you can watch 'as live'.

Watching the World Cup from anywhere

  • Many countries have free arrangements

Most countries have host broadcasters and you can find a complete list of World Cup 2018 broadcasters with over 200 countries covered. Like the UK, many countries have free arrangements for the tournament. 

In the USA, Fox has the rights to the tournament with the games split between Fox and Fox Sports 1. You can also stream the games via Fox Sports Go. In the US, Fox is showing game clips on Twitter. 

Following the World Cup on Twitter and via personal assistants

  • Google Assistant and Siri are geared up for the tournament

Naturally, Google has full fixture details if you search for them as well as details of all the squads and players. And you can ask Google Assistant for the latest information as well.

There are stacks of great accounts to follow on Twitter - pick up some of our favourites from this Twitter list of the best.

In addition to the countries already supported - naturally including the US and UK - Apple has also added Siri support in Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Israel. You can ask Siri for scores, stats and team lineups. 

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The Apple News app has a Spotlight section highlighting World Cup stories while Apple Music is also featuring playlists for each of the 32 participating nations.

Watching the World Cup in 4K HDR

  • You can watch the final in 4K HDR if your TV is on the BBC list
  • You will need a quick internet connection to get the full resolution

After several experiments with 4K HDR streaming via BBC iPlayer, the BBC has been testing UHD live broadcasts on all the games it has rights to. They have been available in 4K on the iPlayer using the HLG version of HDR. The World Cup final will be too.

This service is very much experimental and is only be available to a set number of users on a first-come, first-served basis – somewhere in the region of “tens of thousands” according to the BBC. All footage is shown at 50 frames per second.

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The stream is available via the iPlayer app on certain 4K HDR compatible TVs. The BBC has provided a list of these TVs. If you're depending on getting access, you'll need to ensure your set is on there. 

The Ultra HD stream is available from the BBC iPlayer home screen as soon as programme coverage begins – it will be displayed until the trial is full for that match. Note that you won’t be able to rewind or restart the stream!

Whether you can get complete unadulterated 4K depends on your internet connection. For the full 3840 pixel Ultra HD, you'll need at least a 40Mbps connection. That means if your connection is below that, you’ll get a downgraded version - 2560 pixel Ultra HD.

You will probably need a 20Mbps and above connection to get the trial - otherwise your experience might suffer and you don't want to miss that important goal.

Find out more: How to stream the World Cup in 4K with BBC iPlayer

Listening to the World Cup 2018 on radio and via podcasts

  • Everything is on BBC Radio, so the BBC iPlayer radio app is your friend
  • Some top podcasts are available with new episodes almost daily 

BBC Radio 5 Live has Mark Chapman and Kelly Cates covering the tournament and there will be live commentary of the last remaining games on either 5 Live or sister station Sports Extra available online, via DAB digital radio or via the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

Robbie Savage is also presenting a weekday World Cup Breakfast Show which we’re sure will be music to the ears of Nicky Campbell devotees.

There are also stacks of great World Cup podcasts. The Guardian's Football Weekly, The Times's The Game and 5 Live's World Cup Daily are producing shows after every match day in Russia.

The Times has enlisted Sky Sports News presenter Natalie Sawyer to present during the tournament. 

Experiencing the World Cup in VR

  • Available for various VR headsets as well as Apple and Android devices

Yes, the BBC launched a VR app (BBCSportVR - FIFA World Cup Russia 2018) prior to the tournament starting. It enables you to watch matches as though you’re sitting in the stands. The BBC’s work here is experimental, but it’s interesting regardless.  

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The app is available for iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Go and PlayStation VR.

For more on this check out: You can watch the World Cup from your own private VR box