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(Pocket-lint) - So you want a bigger TV to really get into the World Cup and other live sports, but you really don’t want a big screen cluttering up the place? And anyway, how about a really big screen, 100 inches, say?

There’s one way to make this happen, affordably and without suggesting to the world that you’re obsessed with the telly: a projector. With a projector all you need is a blank wall (paisley wallpaper rooms need not apply) and you can adjust the size of the image easily.

This is all very well but until now most projectors have lacked the detail and image quality to compare to regular TVs. But the latest model from BenQ, the TK800 is a true 4K HDR machine with amazing picture quality and true versatility.

What that means is that the picture is 4K resolution - that’s four times higher than full High Definition so it looks amazing. It means there are 8.3 million pixels in the image it throws on the wall.

BenqBenQ TK800 True 4K HDR for Immersive Live Sports image 2

What’s more, it has HDR, that’s High Dynamic Range, which is capable of showing great levels of detail in bright skies and deep shadows at the same time. Previously, TVs were capable of showing one or the other but not both at their best simultaneously. HDR is a particularly difficult thing for projectors to achieve effectively but the BenQ manages it skilfully, balancing colours well and ensuring it never gets too colour-saturated.

The result is an image that’s amazingly realistic and completely immersive. And, being a projector, it can deliver a really big picture: place it right and you can have an incredibly detailed image of 100 inches or more!

This is brilliant for live sports, for instance, when you’ve got a house or garden full of people all eager to see the big game.

The BenQ TK800 is bright enough that you can entertain your friends in your house, even if the room is brightly lit. Not every projector can achieve that.

Or, you can choose to take it outside for an evening match around the barbecue. Just make sure you keep an eye on the food you’re cooking, too.

BenqBenQ TK800 True 4K HDR for Immersive Live Sports image 3

And this projector includes a dedicated Football Mode, which makes the skin tones realistic and the grass a perfect green, so you feel you’re really there.

The audio is improved, too, with commentators’ words picked out in extra clarity above the roar of the crowd so you never miss what’s going on.

That crowd noise is full-bodied and rich, too, by the way, so it feels even more of an immersive experience, not least thanks to strong bass and clear higher notes from the BenQ speaker which has a resonance chamber designed to provide way more bass than something this size would suggest, together with preventing distortion.

As well as Football mode there are dedicated settings for other sports, a cinema mode, one for music when you’re watching a concert and a bass-heavy set for gaming.

In other words, it’s very flexible, as useful for Hollywood blockbusters as Glastonbury live broadcasts. But for the upcoming summer of sport, its football credentials are more impeccable than a David Beckham midfield kick.

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