Apple developers that own the Apple TV 4K box and Dolby Vision-comaptible Sony TVs are reporting that they are now able to watch Dolby Vision content following the rollout of the latest tvOS 11.3 update. 

The development is the latest in a long-running line of issues that have affected Sony TVs since January 2017. The Japanese company promised a Dolby Vision update in at the beginning of last year but after it eventually arrived this month, it didn't work with Dolby Vision sources over HDMI. Instead, the only Dolby Vision content Sony TV owners could watch was from built-in apps such as Netflix.

Forbes writer John Archer has been following the issue and has picked up on this update, reporting that several forum users are noticing Dolby Vision has become available in the Apple TV 4K settings menu and the Sony TVs automatically adjust their picture settings.

Sony has said that Dolby Vision-compatible TVs in the US should receive another software update this month that will allow HDMI sources to play Dolby Vision content (Sony TVs in the UK won't get the necessary update until February), but adds that the external sources will also require a software update in order to be compatible. This means that it's now down to various manufacturers to rollout updates for their equipment. 

That appears to be what Apple has done with tvOS 11.3, but Oppo, which has two Dolby Vision-compatible 4K Blu-ray players has said it is working with Dolby and its chip manufacturer MTK to develop a fix for the issue, but can't give an exact time scale as to when it will be ready for release. 

The tvOS 11.3 update will eventually be available as a public Beta, although we don't know exactly when. If you have 'Get Beta Updates' selected as an option in the settings menu you can get the latest update and start watching Dolby Vision content in all its glory on your Sony TV. 

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