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(Pocket-lint) - Philips Ambilight is a lighting technology that uses LEDs set into the rear of a Philips TV to shine light on the surrounding wall. The light they shine can either mimic the hues and colours of the content on screen, or can be static to set a particular mood and provide a more immersive viewing experience.

To make the most of Ambilight, you'll want to make sure you place your Philips TV in the best possible position, and we're here to tell you how to set it up properly.

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Choose your ideal screen size

Let's start with the basics, the size of the TV you want to place in your room. Philips Ambilight TVs start at 43-inches for the two-sided 6000 series, and go up to 65-inches across several other ranges.

You ideally want to place the TV at eye-level, so you're not craning your neck to look up at the screen. And while you are unlikely to, we also need to tell you not to place the TV on the floor either.

Wall-mounting works well

One great option is to wall-mount your Ambilight TV. Being able to have the screen as flushed to the wall as possible, and to make it seem as though it's floating, will add to the Ambilight effect.

Philips recommends an ideal distance of 10 to 15cm between the TV and the wall.

With the lights shining out two, three or all four sides of the TV, depending on your particular Ambilight TV, the bezels effectively disappear. If you can't wall-mount it, then try to position the TV on a stand as close to the rear wall as possible.

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Avoid corners

You don't want to be putting an Ambilight TV in the corner of a room, as there won't be a proper surface behind for the light to shine on to.

The closer the TV is to the wall, the stronger and more effective the glowing lightshow surrounding the screen will be. This will give you a more immersive viewing experience than if you have a regular TV without Ambilight.

As for the wall itself, you need to make sure it's left relatively clear, at least on the area surrounding the TV. Ambilight TVs shine light out quite far, and Philips recommends you have a clear distance of 30cm around each side of the screen.

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Adjust the settings for your wall colour

Very light or even white walls are great for Ambilight but you can also change the settings to suit any wall colour - even dark walls.

Ambilight LEDs use a complete colour spectrum, so the system cleverly adjusts to any ambience. You just tell the TV what colour wall you have and it sets the right balance automatically.

The resulting effect will ultimately be much better, and will draw your attention to the screen for an immersive experience.

When you do place your Ambilight TV in your room, make sure it's not in the path of any direct light, such as sunlight, as it will only wash out the colours.

Get all of this right: eye-level, close to the rear wall, a light-coloured wall and a clear area around the screen, and you'll be rewarded with a next-level home entertainment experience. You'll be the envy of all your friends.

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