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(Pocket-lint) - With the rise of OLED as a TV technology, and its deep, involving black levels and vibrant colours, certain movies and TV shows have never looked so good in the home.

Then add Philips TV's proprietary Ambilight tech to the mix, where the action on screen is extended through embedded lights around the edges of the television to create stunning vistas in your living room.

If you throw in 4K and high dynamic range (HDR), which the amazing Philips OLED+984 TV supports, you end up with engrossing movie experiences even a cinema can't match.

Here then are 11 movies and TV shows that look stunning on an OLED TV with Ambilight. You'll never want to leave the house.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

DisneyOled Ambilight Movies image 14

While it might not be as good as the first in the latest Star Wars trilogy, The Last Jedi has a couple of things going for it as a test disc. First, it is the only Star Wars movie available on 4K Blu-ray for now, so offers a stunning HDR presentation where others do not. And second, director Rian Johnson fills every scene with rich colours and saturation. The battle in Snoke's throne room, for example, is awash with reds and sharp brightness of the lightsabers.

John Wick 3: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

LionsgateOled Ambilight Movies image 16

Each of the John Wick movies employs a wide colour palette and distinct visual style, so either of them could be chosen to highlight the precise abilities of the OLED+984 TV. However, John Wick 3: Chapter 3 - Parabellum not only benefits from an excellent 4K Blu-ray transfer, it's a darn fine movie to boot. Ambilight will draw you into every superbly choreographed fight scene with mastery.

Altered Carbon

NetflixOled Ambilight Movies image 15

Based on a series of novels by Richard K. Morgan, Netflix's Altered Carbon is a wonderful show presented in Dolby Vision that uses involving contrast and colourfields to transport you into its dystopian future world. It is as beautiful as it is clever and will transform your viewing room into a cyberpunk playscape.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner BrosOled Ambilight Movies image 12

There are few modern movies with such a distinctive style as George Miller's modern Mad Max flick. Its vibrant, contrast heavy imagery suits OLED superbly, with a fantastic HDR transfer available on the 4K Ultra HD version. The stark, purposely saturated colours also make Ambilight effects dance - ably recreating the apocalyptic Australian outback in your living room.

Blade Runner 2049

Warner BrosOled Ambilight Movies image 17

There are few movies as visually impressive as Denis Villeneuve's sequel and few televisions around that can give it justice. The Philips OLED+984 TV is certainly one of them, with a clever handle on the stark, sometimes flat tones in some scenes and the eye-popping, neon-fuelled chromatic experiences in others.


Warner BrosOled Ambilight Movies image 11

Although Gravity was specifically filmed to be best viewed in 3D, OLED picture technology does an excellent job of presenting a 2D picture. Deep black levels and space scenes make superb bedfellows, but it is the nuances in the shades in-between that can be lost on a less worthy television. You'd also think that Ambilight wouldn't come into play much, but the subtle lighting brings yours eyes to the action.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

BBCOled Ambilight Movies image 1

Available to watch in UHD HDR (HLG) through BBC iPlayer - or via the 4K Blu-ray box set - this BBC nature series presents the pinnacle of specialist high-resolution photography. Each episode focuses on animals in their habitats across the seven continents, so the wealth of colours and ambience on show fit perfectly with Ambilight.

Inside Out

Disney/PixarOled Ambilight Movies image 2

We could have chosen any one of Pixar's animated movies, they are all so vibrant and superbly rendered. However, Inside Out stands out most as the one that suits OLED and Ambilight best thanks to its very reliance on different, bold colours in the form of the five emotion characters. Watch this on the Philips OLED+984 and the depth of contrast, even on normal, non-HDR Blu-ray, makes it look 3D. Plus, the colourfield projected by Ambilight throughout is magical.

Star Trek Beyond

Paramount PicturesOled Ambilight Movies image 3

The most recent Star Trek movie has so many explosions and neon lighting effects that you require a stunningly accurate TV to give it justice. There are also many dark scenes in the film, which, when played in HDR on the 4K Blu-ray, desire an OLED set like the Philips to bring out the individual elements in the shadows. Ambilight here adds majesty to the experience.

The Martian

20th Century FoxOled Ambilight Movies image 13

Ambilight is the winner here, casting the reds and oranges you see on the film onto your back wall, transporting you to the lonely, stark Mars on which Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is stranded. The 4K transfer of this film is particularly wonderful, with the crispness of ultra high definition matched well with the tangible HDR colourfield.

Game of Thrones

HBOOled Ambilight Movies image 9

Of all the TV shows currently available, Game of Thrones presents some of the biggest challenges for visual representation. All the characters are dotted around Westeros and Essos and thus the locations are markedly different in style, colour and tone. Then there is the extremely dark episode from the last series, The Long Night. You need an accurate television to make them look equally brilliant. By expanding the experience beyond the screen with Ambilight, it helps drawer you into the story further. Just beware the White Walkers. You'll feel frosty.

Life of Pi

20th Century FoxOled Ambilight Movies image 5

Another film shot with the intention that it would be presented in 3D, Life of Pi is easily one of the most beautiful movies ever made, even in 2D. Its stark colours and reliance on contrast in scenes, both figuratively and literally, means it is one of the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays around for any set, let alone an OLED panel. Even the standard Blu-ray works beautifully with the tech and Ambilight combined.

The Dark Knight

Warner BrosOled Ambilight Movies image 10

Christopher Nolan's second (and best) Batman film, The Dark Knight, is a visual feast. Moody night scenes require every bit of black level guile an OLED TV affords, while the neon lighting and slight sepia tone at times give Ambilight a challenge it capably accepts - especially during the 16:9 sections shot originally for the IMAX presentation. The 4K Blu-ray version is of particular note.

The Wizard of Oz

MGM/Sony PicturesOled Ambilight Movies image 6

Available as an amazing Blu-ray remaster, the 1939 classic shows off both OLED and Ambilight technologies superbly. It starts (and ends) in sepia tones that the deep black levels of OLED amplify well, while the Technicolor mainstay of the movie is so vibrantly realised that it bellies the film's age. We hope we look this good when we're 80 years-old.

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