20 best movie and TV spaceships: The star craft that defined our childhood

This ship from Flight of the Navigator is an utter classic thanks to its quirky robotic commander and the fascinating adventure it took David on. (image credit: Reddit)
The flying spaceships from Mars Attacks! were more hilarious than terrifying but also worked as a great tribute to sci-flicks of yesteryear. (image credit: Complex)
Only the Borg could make a cubiod space ship seem scary. These monster ships span 3,000 metres on each side and pose a threat to anyone they come across. (image credit: HD-Wallpapers)
No list about fictional spaceships would be complete without the Death Star. It might have had one fatal floor but it was still a menacing machine of death. (image credit: Wikia)
The Heart of Gold is a magnificent spaceship with an Infinite Improbability Drive which makes it capable of travelling anywhere in the galaxy in an instant. (image credit: IMGUR)
The classic Klingon Bird of Prey. Armed with a cloaking device and a deadly arsenal of weaponry, it's a menacing foe in the right hands. (image credit: Pinterest)
This space ship was used by our hero Peter Quill to save the Galaxy. Which in our mind makes it a worthy addition. (image credit: Wiki)
The USS Enterprise has been on our screens, big and small, for decades. It might be one of the most recognisable and well-known ships on our list. (image credit: Dave Daring)
The Space Cruiser looks like something someone's mad, drunk Grandfather bashed together in their garage. Which is pretty much exactly what happened. (image credit: Reddit)
Thunderbird 3 was an impressive craft in a number of ways, not least of which was the ability to be controlled remotely by a device on Alan Tracy's wrist. (image credit: Wiki)
Discovery One first made its way onto our screens in 2001: A Space Odyssey. A magnificent ship full of grace and beauty. (image credit: Youtube)
Here's an unusual spaceship. In that it's partly an organic sentient being. No weapons to speak of but it could travel through space at incredible speeds. (image credit: Reddit)
The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) makes it onto our list because of its sheer awesome quirkiness. (image credit: Youtube)
Another Guardians of the Galaxy appears on our list, simply for how dark, angry and foreboding it is. (image credit: Wikia)
Serenity is a basic ship, with simple fittings and fixtures it isn't really much to write home about. But fans of the series loved the ship as much as the show. (image credit: KingofWallpapers)
Real-life rocket Apollo 13 made it onto the big screen in the form of a film of the same name. So it's only fair it appears on our list too. (image credit: Apollo 13)
The Planet Express ship isn't outwardly impressive. Armed with just one cannon and no fancy gizmos, but it makes it onto our list because of its awesome crew. (image credit: effectsfilms)
This is one of the only alien space crafts from a film which hasn't come to Earth for the purpose of invasion, destruction or colonisation. (image credit: Pinterest)
The Razor Crest appears on our list because it was piloted by an awesome Mandalorian bounty hunter and also used to transport a fairly awesome Jedi too. (image credit: Disney)

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