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(Pocket-lint) - Channel 4 has teamed with Foster's, Ronseal and 20th Century Fox to launch an all-new form of TV advertising that speaks directly to you.

They will each screen ads on All 4 that include personalised messages to viewers.

For example, an Alien: Covenent trailer tells you to run, saying your name both in text and speech.

They draw your name from your All 4 log in data, so use the first name you entered when you signed up.

"We're incredibly excited to offer the market something completely ground breaking," said Channel 4's digital and creative leader, David Amodio.

"The most attention grabbing word for anyone to hear is without doubt one’s own name, so to be able to offer advertisers the chance to speak directly to our millions of viewers is not just unique, but an immensely powerful marketing tool which adds even more value to All 4’s increasingly personalised experience."

As well as the Alien: Covenent interactive teaser, Foster's will be personalising its All 4 ad with your name followed by "...this one's for you", and Roseal will target viewers directly in order to motivate them into doing a spot of DIY.

All 4 has 15 million registered users and as long as you are one of them, you are bound to encounter one of the personalised adverts while watching content through the service.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 24 April 2017.
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