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(Pocket-lint) - If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, you be frothing with excitement that the series has returned after a 26-year absence from our TV screens.

The first episode has aired in the US and UK as part of a simulcast between Sky and Showtime. If you missed it though, there are still plenty of opportunities.

Here is our round-up of the return of Twin Peaks, including when and where you can see the new series in both the UK and US.

What is Twin Peaks?

The original Twin Peaks was a TV drama created by Mark Frost and cult film director David Lynch. It premiered in 1990 on ABC in the US (BBC Two in the UK) and aired until 1991. There were two series originally, which are available in Blu-ray and DVD collections. You can also watch it on-demand on certain services, including Sky in the UK, with both series available in HD as part of Sky Box Sets.

A prequel movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was also released in cinemas in 1992.

The main plot follows a seemingly straight-forward murder investigation in the American town of Twin Peaks, headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). However, the killing of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) turns out to be anything but.

The show was known for its creepy tone, campy characters, off beat humour, surrealism, melodrama and supernatural elements, all of which are also trademark characteristics of Lynch and his work.

It was announced in 2015 that the show would return for a new limited series.

David Lynch is directing all the episodes of the new series, which is being shown on Showtime in the States and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

It was originally slated to premiere in 2016, to coincide with the show's 25th anniversary, but was delayed to 2017. Better late than never.

Many original cast members, including MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, appear in the revival.

When will Twin Peaks (2017) return?

Showtime started broadcasting the new series at 9pm ET on Sunday 21 May, with a two-hour premiere. Sky simulcasted the opening on Sky Atlantic at 2am Monday 22 May in the UK. You can still catch it though, as it is to repeat the episode at 9pm on Tuesday 23 May.

Following the premiere, Showtime Anytime and On Demand subscribers now have access to episodes three and four. They will also air on Showtime on 28 May at 9pm and Sky soon after, each week.

How many episodes are in the series?

There are 18 episodes in total. After episodes three and four air on 28 May, single episodes will air in the subsequent weeks.

Writing by Elyse Betters and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 24 February 2017.
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