It's almost Christmas and that means there's a stack of amazing TV shows coming up on the old gogglebox.

All of the major channels will be hosting specials and festive fun, with some major returns and debuts along the way. There's also one or two old faves as well.

They'll be broadcast throughout the Christmas and New Year period, but what if you can't watch them live? After all, what's a Christmas day without a turkey-infused nap in the afternoon?

That's where Freeview Play can help. It gives you the ability to scroll backwards through the electronic programme guide in order to catch up with shows you might have missed. Programmes on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and UKTV Play channels can all be accessed through the EPG, clicked on and they'll play through each brand's respective on demand app. It cannot be more simple. You just need a Freeview Play enabled TV or set-top-box connected to the internet.

Of course, other TVs and players might have access to the major TV streaming services too, but you have to seek out the individual apps and manually start the shows yourselves.

So with the tech sorted, all you need is the content. Here are our tips to the 10 shows you won't want to miss this Christmas time. Just click through the gallery above and even if you don't manage to watch them live, you can always catch-up with them after. Result.

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