Candy Crush Saga - the addictive King title that quickly swept the world and turned our parents, siblings, and friends into mobile gaming fiends - is coming after your livingroom television next.

Candy Crush Saga lets you match colourful candies in combinations of three or more to win points. It's one of the top 10 grossing mobile games in the US, according to CBS, which revealed in a statement Tuesday that a new series based on the worldwide phenomenon is in the works. It will showcase teams of two people using "their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards".

The teams that conquer the TV game show will be crowned champions. CBS has ordered a one-hour, live action slot for the series, which is obviously inspired by the franchise. Called Candy Crush, it's created and executive produced by Matt Kunitz, who is known for his producer work on The Real World, Fear Factor, and other reality TV shows. Pulse Creative will produce Candy Crush.

Sebastian Knutsson, King’s chief creative officer who originally created Candy Crush Saga, will also serve as an executive producer. Candy Crush will be distributed domestically in the US by CBS Television Distribution and internationally by Lionsgate.

Not much else is known, including when it'll premiere, but we expect CBS to reveal more details in the coming months.

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