Facebook has just embraced Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

The social network has been really pushing video these last couple years, with the bulking of its video platform and live-streaming capabilities. Now, as part of that strategy, you can send any Facebook video to your nearby Apple TV or Chromecast. The functionality works from web browsers and iOS devices. Facebook said support for Chromecast (no support for Apple TV) will soon arrive for Android too.

Let's say you're watching from an iOS device, just tap the TV icon in the top right corner of a Facebook video, then select the device (Apple TV or Chromecast) you want to send the video to, and that video will show up on your big-screen TV. This process works the same when using Facebook from a desktop browser. You'll also do the same on an Android device, though you'll only see Chromecast as a device option.

You'll of course need an Apple TV and Chromecast in order to send Facebook videos to your TV. If you own them, you'll be able to watch Facebook videos on your TV and continue playing on your phone or desktop as usual, including thumbing through your News Feed. And if you you're watching a Facebook Live video, you can comment and reaction and see it all displayed on your TV.

Watch Facebook's promo video below to see the new feature in action.

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