(Pocket-lint) - It was mid-2014 when HBO announced that it would make a small screen adaptation of Westworld and although we've had a lengthy wait it's finally here.

Most will fondly remember Michael Crichton's original film from the early 70s, with a robotic Yul Brynner terrorising vistors of a high-tech, sci-fi theme park, but the TV series takes the idea and expands upon it greatly. It is also, if early critical reports are true, essential viewing.

Some are even calling it the new Game of Thrones, which is some claim considering how big that has become over the last few years.

So here is our guide to Westworld and where and when you can watch it in the UK.


What is Westworld?

The Westworld TV series takes the theme of the 1973 movie but builds upon it. For a start, the smaller theme park in the original is now an enormous world, where human fantasies, wants and desires can be acted out, no matter how depraved. Androids populate the park and visitors get to use them any way they like, including, but not reserved to murder.

In the film, there were three zones, based on the the wild west, plus Roman and medieval times, but the series solely focuses on the former for now. It also provides a few twists on the action, straying away from the basic thriller premise of the movie. After all, there are 10 episodes per series to fill.

The TV show stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden.

When is Westworld on TV?

Westworld episode one first aired in the US on HBO on Sunday 2 October. I starts in the UK on Tuesday 4 October at 9pm. Each subsequent episode will also air in the UK on a Tuesday, with the US equivalent two days prior.


Where and how can I watch Westworld?

As Sky has a long-term partnership with HBO, Westworld is screened on Sky Atlantic in the UK. That means Sky subscribers can watch it live on their Sky boxes, including Sky Q.

They can also watch episodes on demand from each respective day they air. The episodes will also be available to view on mobile devices and games consoles through the Sky Go, TV From Sky, or Sky Q applications.

Now TV subscribers can also watch the show live and on demand, as long as they have the Entertainment Pass. That costs £6.99 and is contract-free, so you can subscribe for the next 10 weeks to watch Westworld and cancel straight after. You will only have to pay for the month's it is active.

Now TV apps are also available for games consoles, mobile devices and several connected streaming boxes and TVs.


Can you stream it for free?

Apart from some dodgy torrent sources, you can actually watch the first episode of Westworld for free if you're in the US or use a VPN service to pretend you are.

To make sure everyone has the chance to watch, HBO has made the first episode of the series available to non-subscribers free of charge. Check out Westworld’s first episode here (it's labelled as a sample, but it's the full episode). We're not sure how long it will be available online at no cost.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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