(Pocket-lint) - This autumn will see the launch of yet another movie-streaming service, though this one is unique because it'll be all about the oldies.

According to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Turner Classic Movies, an American cable network known for airing classic films, has teamed up with The Criterion Collection, an American video-distribution company that focuses on "important classic and contemporary films", to develop a streaming service specifically designed for film aficionados.

The upcoming streaming service will be called FilmStruck and should allow subscribers to access more than 1,000 films and other content in the classic and contemporary film genres. Those include movies like Seven Samurai, Break Morant, Blood Simple, and Mad Max. You can apparently expect the service to be advert-free, but it'll have a monthly premium.

Word on the street is that FilmStruck will cost less than $9 a month. Pricing details have yet to be determined, however. Keep in mind that when the movie-streaming service does kick off later this year, likely in the autumn, Hulu fans may find that they no longer have access to some Warner/Criterion movies, as those could become FilmStruck exclusives.

We at Pocket-lint are huge Criterion Collection fans, so we're excited about the possibility of being able to easily stream those films in the US (it's unclear if FilmStruck will be available elsewhere, such as in the UK). But at the same time, the thought of shelling out more cash on yet another monthly streaming service is just blah. No good.

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Sling TV, HBO Now... there's simply way too many movie-streaming services eating up our paychecks at this point.

Writing by Elyse Betters.