It is a glorious day.

Game of Thrones is set to return 24 April, and to whet your appetite for the big premiere, HBO has just graced us with the new season's first full-length trailer. It's almost 2 minutes long and is set to James Vincent McMorrow's "Wicked Game". The whole thing is exciting beyond words.

We'll still attempt to use words to explain what's going down in the trailer, however. It kicks off with the heir to Stark house lying dead in a pool of frozen blood, after having been stabbed - to death? - during the end of season 5 last year. We also hear the words "he's gone" in a voice over.

GoT | HBOgame of thrones first season 6 trailer is finally out watch it here image 3

Is he really dead? Most people don't think so, but we'll have to wait until April to learn more. The trailer also shows Daenerys Targaryen being captured, Bran Stark coming across the leader of the White Walkers (Night's King), Ser Davos fighting the Night's Watch, a battling Targaryen soldier, and Tyrion Lannister introducing Sansa Stark to the "great game".

There's a lot more going on too. Watch the trailer to see for yourself.