The American Super Bowl is here once again and that means a bevy of high profile adverts from dozens of companies including the tech giants using the country's biggest sporting event to showcase their products. 

This year it's the New England Patriots going up against the Los Angeles Rams. The Pats hope to claim their sixth Super Bowl title, tied for most all time, but for this article we are more bothered with the tech focused adverts that are showing in-between plays rather than the plays on the field.

Here are some of the best ads expected to air with most featuring a heavy focus on a tech filled world, some for the better, and some for the worse. 

We will update this list over time, too, so keep checking back


Amazon has focused on it's Amazon Alexa service, and in particular joking that while it understands some might believe an Alexa powered microwave is a bit much, it's better than an Alexa powered dog collar. 


The message here is that you don't have to die to drive an all-new electric Audi, just pop along to your nearest dealer. 


Bud is using its Super Bowl LIII advert to tell us how it's embracing the future and now brewing beer using wind power for a truly futuristic taste. 


Google's Super Bowl 2019 ad focuses on Google Translate and the power it has in the world. The feel good theme is one that Microsoft also uses. 


Mercedes has gone all voice controlled asking why "If only everything in life listened to you, like your new A-class,". The point is that you can talk to your car, but not before the dude walking around has given a number of "voice commands" to other things in his life. 

Michelob Ultra

Yes, Michelob Ultra isn't a tech brand, but it's not stopped the company using an athletic robot to promote its beer for Super Bowl. The message: "It's only worth it if you can taste it", bad luck robot. 


Microsoft's advert focuses on how technology empowers us and in this case kids talking about how they've used the new Xbox Adaptive Controller to allow them to play Xbox much easier. 


Another non tech brand using tech to sell. This time it's Olay and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The premise, because she's been using Olay, FaceID on her iPhone XR can't recognise just how young she's now looking. The problem those is that she really needs to make a call. 


Another non tech company using tech to sell its products. In this case in a similar vein to Michelob Ultra, an Alexa-esque digital voice assistant is complaining she can't enjoy Pringles like us humans. 


Idris Elba trying to build a Squarespace website wearing boxing gloves (for some reason) while his pushy PA just seems to want to put him down. It goes on for a rather cringeworthy 3:55 minutes. It is certainly no Luther. 

TurboTax live

More dystopian future robot stuff sees Turbo Tax using a child robot to profess how he wants to help people with their tax, only to be told that he'll never be "human" effort. Take that RoboChild. 

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