(Pocket-lint) - The Super Bowl is here once again, and that means a bevy of high-profile adverts from dozens of companies, including the tech giants using the country's biggest sporting event to showcase their products.

This year it's the San Francisco 49ers going up against the Kansas City Chiefs. But who cares? We're all about watching the crazy-expensive commercials that air during the big game, which kicks off at 6:30pm EST on Sunday 2 February 2020. Some companies have begun to release their Super Bowl ads online, while other companies are rolling out short teasers to drum up excitement.

We’ve rounded them all up, so you can enjoy the ones already released ahead of the big game.

Electric Hummer from GMC

GMC is set to debut an electric Hummer called the GMC Hummer EV. It's being billed as the most powerful vehicle GMC has ever produced.

Verizon 5G

Verizon's ad is for its 5G network. It has a more serious tone, showing how the network can help firefighters with fast data transfers.


If you forgot what life was like before we had AI assistants, this hilarious ad from Amazon starring Ellen Degeneres will remind you.


This short teaser previews an ad from Facebook that will see comedian Chris Rock try to convince us to use more groups on Facebook.


This new ad for Audi’s e-tron lineup of electric vehicles features Maisie Williams singing Let it Go from the Frozen soundtrack.

Budweiser Canada

This ad from Budweiser is slated to air in Canada, but it might be the best ad to come out of the big game purely for nostalgic reasons.


Budweiser’s US ad plays hard into patriotism, showing Americans doing “typical” things, like fighting gigantic fires and celebrating with beer.

Bud Light Seltzer

Budweiser is heavily marketing its new hard seltzer drink with one ad featuring Post Malone, and another teaser for a full ad that's still to come.


Sodastream has a teaser out for its Super Bowl ad. It features scientist Bill Nye, who mentions that humans are far off from exploring Mars before something catches his attention off camera and then he says he may be wrong about that.


This ad from TurboTax asks why Americans who are capable of doing so many amazing things still struggle with their taxes every year.


Discover’s Super Bowl ad lets you know that you’ll never pay annual fees for its credit cards by bombarding you with snippets from Friends, Clueless, School of Rock, and Austin Powers.


Planters released a teaser commercial for its Super Bowl ad that features the surprise death of its iconic spokesman Mr. Peanut. We’ll see if he is revived during the big game.


Pringles has entered into the world of Rick and Morty, replacing Morty with a chip-eating robot all while trapping Rick in a Pringles commercial.


Doritos has two teasers out that set up a Super Bowl Showdown between Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X. Just watch the Sam Elliot one for his dramatic monologue version of Lil Nas X’s smash hit, Old Town Road.


Walmart’s Super Bowl ad shows some of the most famous interstellar travelers picking up their groceries at Walmart, including Flash Gordon, Groot, and the starship Enterprise, among others.

Hard Rock International

It makes since Hard Rock would want to advertise during the Super Bowl - since the game is being played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The teaser shows Jennifer Lopez getting ready before someone steals something that looks like a diamond-encrusted water bottle.

Heinz Ketchup

This Heinz commercial is directed by Francis Ford Coppola's son, Roman Coppola.


Hyundai brought in Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski, David Ortiz, and Chris Evans to do their best Boston accents.


Celebrity super couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen teamed up for this ad for the first SUV from Genesis.


The teaser for Cheetos’ Super Bowl Ad shows how a young MC Hammer was inspired to write Can’t Touch This with a little help from Cheetos.

Little Caesar’s

Little Caesar’s Super Bowl ad features Rainn Wilson as a panicked executive of a sliced bread company that’s going under due to Little Caesar’s.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew has two new adds out for MTN DEW Zero Sugar. They're inspired by The Shining and feature Bryan Cranston being creepy.

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico has a teaser trailer up for its Super Bowl ad. The fifteen-second spot sees Molly Ringwald crown an Avocado.

Space for Women

Olay’s Super Bowl ad features Katie Couric, Taraji P Henson, Busy Philipps, Lilly Singh, and actual astronaut Nicole Stott making sure there’s enough space in outer space for women.


Pop-Tarts brought in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Jonathan Van Ness to freak out over the dryness of pretzels, so we’re assuming the actual Super Bowl ad will be about a new pretzel Pop-Tart.


Kia’s big ad features one of the NFL’s breakout stars of this season, Las Vegas Raider running back Josh Jacobs.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run

You’ll get one of your first looks at a new Spongebob movie during the Super Bowl. The film is slated to premiere in May.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.
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