Toscano Bricks has been remaking movie trailers using Lego for years, which are then posted to the dedicated YouTube Channel, but we feel that the latest video is its most ambitious yet. It has recreated scenes from a large number of the biggest movies of 2015 as a celebration of the year in cinema. In Lego.

Quotes taken from the films (most likely the trailers) have been cut together and then animated in Lego.

There are some obvious movies included - The Force Awakens for starters. And if you haven't seen that yet, we have to point out that there might be a major spoiler or two in the montage.

Our favourite game with the video though has been in naming all the films involved. We count 15, how about you?

Some of Toscano Bricks other videos are excellent too, including the Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser with a Lego Jon Snow. And the team doesn't just turn its hand at Lego reinactments. We also particularly like the GoT/The Force Awakens mash-up: Stark Wars: Winter is Awakening. Very clever.

Check out that and the other videos on Toscano Bricks' YouTube channel here.