(Pocket-lint) - HBO has started to screen an illusive cut of The Godfather that adds a new dimension to the craze of binge TV; it is seven-and-a-half hours long without adverts.

The Godfather Epic is made up of The Godfather Parts I and II, re-cut chronologically and with previously un-used footage that didn't make it into the theatrical screenings.

It is, quite simply, a rather long love letter to fans.

The extended edition was made in the 1970s and originally screened censored and interspersed with commercials on US TV the once. It was then released as a VHS box-set, although that was broken up by having to insert different tapes at mid-way points.

HBO's presentation therefore is the real deal. It is also available on HBO Go for those who miss the broadcast screenings, although they are scheduled to run throughout the month of January.

HBO Go could be the best place to view it however, as you can pause the action for a toilet break. Or even pick up on another screen elsewhere in the home.

Unfortunately, we are yet to hear of plans for a UK source to get the entire epic. HBO is allied to Sky in the UK, so we've asked the British broadcaster if it will be bringing it over here too. We'll let you know when we hear back.

Update: We've been told by Sky that it currently has no plans to show the Epic version of The Godfather, although Sky Movies does hold the rights to The Godfather trilogy at present and is offering them this month on broadcast TV, on demand and NOW TV.

Writing by Rik Henderson.